C & P Bibliography Services

Bibliography and online catalogs for bibliophiles and libraries.

C & P Bibliography Services launches DaredevILS, a free personal ILS installation for librarians and library students.


C & P Bibliography Services works with collectors—both private and institutional—to help them manage their book collections intellectually, physically, and virtually.

Our principle service areas are rare book description and online catalog support, hosting, and development for small and special collections. We believe that every collection is unique and valuable, and our goal for every project is to make that value apparent to the collection's users, whether they are the owners, senior scholars, elementary school students, or all of the above.

C & P holds itself to the highest possible standard, offering superior service while keeping costs down, and striving always to improve not just your experience, but the experience of all your collection's users, as they interact with your collection on a day-to-day basis. C & P uses only open source software, thus ensuring that you will have the power to shape the future of your online catalog's capabilities and the option of bringing your catalog in-house when your staff grows.

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Bibliography Services

  • Descriptive and enumerative bibliography
  • Classification and organization
  • Catalog preparation


  • Open source integrated library system
  • Affordable hosting and support
  • No vendor lock-in


  • Next-generation discovery layer
  • Expressive narrative cataloging
  • Flexible and powerful
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