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Bibliography, cataloging, and organization services for book collectors, institutions, and scholars.


Да здравствует библиографизм!!

In the early twentieth century, bibliography was established as a handmaiden of literary studies, a role it has played ably ever since. The time has come, however, to reconsider the role of bibliography, and cast off the crude chains of “literaryism.” The twenty-first century has seen an explosion of text, one that threatens to outpace the adoption of modern bibliographic technology, leaving us floundering in a sea of (e)books.


C & P Bibliography Services believes that all collectors should have access to the Bibliographic Control available to the great academic institutions, the Libraries of Alexandria of our day. We work with each of our clients to develop a custom bibliographic solution, freeing the collector from the tyranny of the collection and offering the peace-of-mind that comes with control over one’s possessions.

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