Pledge to the Koha community

  • Published: September 12, 2010
  • Koha

The catalog system that C & P Bibliography uses, Koha, is developed by a large community of volunteers throughout the world. Recently some members of the community have expressed concern about the way for-profit firms participate in the community. In order to allay that concern, C & P offers the following statement to the Koha community:

As set out in our manifesto, C & P believes in bibliography, minimalism, professional standards… and openness. We believe fervently in the ideals of Open Source, and are committed to the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats. As new arrivals to the Koha community, we wanted to take a moment and clarify how we view our relationship with the greater Koha community, and make clear that

  • we will not dilute Koha’s brand
  • we will not claim to represent “Koha” or the Koha community unless requested to do so by the community
  • we will share our enhancements and modifications with the community (via our github repository)
  • we will model good corporate citizenship, offering help to the community where we can, and working towards our common goal of an ever-improving library system

The Māori word “koha” can be translated as “gift” or “donation.” To C & P Bibliography, this is exactly what Koha (the library system) is: a gift which enables us to do what we do best – bibliography.

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