Using an open source Integrated Library System like Koha lowers your costs and puts you in control of your technology. Working with C & P makes it painless.


The first open source integrated library system, Koha has a lot to offer libraries and collectors:

no licensing fees
all you need is a web browser
enterprise-class ILS
your data is yours, always
no lock-in or vendor decrees

Koha is a full-featured integrated library system (ILS), conceived in the spirit of free/open source software and dedicated to the proposition that no library should be subject to the whims of a vendor. Offering all the features one would expect from an integrated library system, including powerful OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), acquisitions, cataloging, reporting, and serials modules, Koha can make managing your library a breeze, and increase the visibility of your collections to both staff and patrons. Koha is not simply an ILS, though. Koha is an open source project with a large and active international community. When you adopt Koha, you are joining that community and taking control of your technology.

Because the system is open source, you can easily do all the work on your own, paying only for the hardware needed to run the software. However, your time is valuable and you may not want to spend it administering a server. This is where C & P comes in. We aim to make adopting Koha easy not just for libraries with large IT departments but also for libraries and collectors for whom administering a server might be an undue burden. In addition to offering migration and hosting services, C & P offers extensive development and customization services to enable you to make your catalog into exactly what you want. Best of all, any work done by C & P will be available not just to you but to all Koha users throughout the world, no matter what service provider(s) you or they might choose to work with now or in the future.

Interested in seeing what a Koha-powered catalog might look like?

C & P has a demo of the OPAC (public) interface at demo.cplibraries.com. You can log in to the staff client at intra.demo.cplibraries.com using the user name 'demo' and the password 'demo'.

Loaded into the demo are the records from Project Gutenberg (for more information, see the Project Gutenberg website), and the Abdul Hamid, Tiflis, and Yahuda Collections from the Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan project.

Contact us about our Koha services

Development Services

  • Proven track record
  • Experienced developers
  • Community-oriented approach

Koha Hosting

  • Affordable
  • No hardware required
  • Experts keep your system up and running

Koha Support

  • Saves you time and money
  • Expert training and migrations
  • Someone to turn to if there's a problem
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