Koha Hosting

Have your catalog hosted on C & P's servers, and gain the peace of mind of knowing that your data is safe and your servers are being monitored and backed up by experts.

Managing a library is difficult enough without the added stress of managing a server and integrated library system software. C & P Bibliography knows that, and offers a worry-free hosted solution. Our hosted Koha installations offer the following benefits:

  • Triply-redundant nightly backups including an off-site backup
  • Frequent upgrades included as part of the hosting contract
  • Scalability to handle increased usage or reduce costs if you have to scale back your hours
  • Constant vigilance for security threats and hacking attempts
  • Proactive monitoring for server problems even while you are asleep
  • Automatic failover is available to further protect your data
  • Discounted rates on Koha support services

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If you would prefer to have your Koha server on-site, C & P Bibliography Services also offers a Koha appliance, which libraries can purchase up front, and install on their own network. C & P will ship the appliance to the library, along with instructions for installation. In order to support the appliance, it must have a static IP address with port 22 (SSH) directly accessible to the Internet. Depending on the expected server load, C & P offers a number of different appliances.

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