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Special libraries have special needs. At C & P we understand this, and will use our experience with special libraries to help you get the most you can out of your Koha catalog.

Why hire C & P for Koha support?

Although anyone can install Koha themselves, librarians need not "go it alone" if they do not want to. At C & P Bibliography Services, we are happy to provide as little (or as much) support as our customers want. In order to bring support within the reach of institutions and collections of all sizes, rather than offering an expensive "unlimited" support contract that will be needed only once or twice per year, C & P sells packages of "tickets" that can be used for quotidien Koha support (including both configuration issues and bug fixing), general bibliographic queries, and as credits toward many development projects.

Because this is a rather different model than that used by most support companies, we are often asked what would be considered "a ticket." The following are all examples of tickets:

  • A basic user interface customization issue like changing the formatting of subject tracings on the OPAC
  • A bibliographic question such as "what is the best way to handle geographic information associated with items in my archaeology reference collection?"
  • A simple indexing configuration change, for example, indexing action notes (583$z)
  • A report of a bug that causes certain subfields not to show up in the OPAC details view

Although the term "ticket" is taken from the fast-paced world of the technology help desk where bug fixing and error resolving is the order of the day, C & P takes a more catholic view of tickets than the name might imply. Tickets can also be used as credits toward new developments for the Koha system. If you are interested in a particular development, you can choose to devote a certain number of your tickets toward that development, using your already-purchased tickets rather than incurring additional expenses for the development.

Because not all libraries have the same needs, C & P Bibliography Services offers three different types of Koha support solutions:

  1. Hosted Koha solutions for libraries which do not want to have to think about servers at all
  2. Koha appliance solutions for libraries which want to have a managed Koha installation on their premises
  3. Support-only Koha solutions for libraries with a dedicated IT staff capable of managing the library's servers

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