Search rewrite

C & P Bibliography Services has proposed an extensive rewrite of Koha's search functionality to bring it into the twenty-first century. This page tracks funding progress for the project. To learn more about the project, take a look at the Koha wiki.

Required plumbing and features

Still to raise:
Labor donated by C & P:
ComponentCostFunding progress
1(a). Inject new parser into current pipelineIncluded in different project
1(b).i. Transition Evergreen's QueryParser into a separate moduleWholly donated by C & P
1(b).ii. Implement Zebra QueryParser driver3000
1(b).iii. Hook QueryParser into Koha6000
1(c). Adjust advanced search to use QueryParser3000
1(d). Implement Koha::SearchEngine::Zebra3000
1(e). Implement native faceting6000
1(f). Better relevancy ranking6000
1(g). Replace query parser0
1(g).i. Implement CCL parser3000
1(g).ii. Implement CQL parser3000
1(g).iii. Implement PQF parser3000
1(h). Implement Solr driver3000
2(a). Implement Z39.50/SRU/SRW server6000

Optional features

Add-on ComponentCostPledged
3(a).i. "Did you mean?" spelling suggestions$4,500
3(a).ii. Word proximity logic for spelling suggestions$12,000
3(b). Static relevancy ranking$9,000
3(c). Offer ability for librarian to set field weighting$6,000
3(d). Offer ability for librarian to configure indexes$9,000
3(e). Show "snippets" on the results page$6,000
3(f). Automatically redirect unsuccessful searches to first suggestion$1,500
3(g). Multi-lingual stemming$9,000
3(h). Build fuzzy searching into Koha$6,000
3(h).ii. Fix fuzzy searching for ICU in Zebra$?
3(i). Use new query engine for federated searching$18,000
3(j).i. Google/punctuation query syntax$3,000
3(k). True browsing$9,000
3(l). Coalesce auth and bib searching in OPAC$16,500

Let us know if you want to be involved

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