Online Catalogs

Once you have decided you want an online catalog, you have to answer the question of "which one?" We can help you answer that question, and get you set up with the online catalog of your dreams.

There are hundreds—if not thousands—of online catalog systems available, from home-made do-it-yourself web pages to e-commerce systems that approach in complexity. Limiting oneself to software specifically designed for online bibliographic catalogs shortens the list slightly, but still leaves dozens of options. C & P Bibliography Services recommends (and supports) two different online catalog systems, which—between the two of them—can fulfill most of our clients' needs:

Koha — a traditional integrated library system, best suited to libraries and collections that need to make use of legacy data that is stored in the MARC format.

Biblionarrator — a new catalog system that is under active development by C & P Bibliography Services. Biblionarrator combines the search capabilities of a discovery layer with a highly expressive narrative cataloging interface. Biblionarrator is perfect for private collections, special collections with multiple types of objects, and libraries that want to provide their users with a better search experience than their existing catalog can provide.

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